Bonnington Hotel spokeswoman said they had no information and will not comment. In a final, only in China twist, Bishop, a seasonedChina watcher, has publicly wondered if the slow leaking of news about the crash should be an attempt to smear Ling Jihua although who should want to do that was not clear. Let me ask you something. How did they know he was armed?

I don’t agree with him resisting arrest but he wasn’t doing anything wrong apart from selling illegal CDs but that’s not why the cops showed up.

It doesn’t look like he was reaching for a gun, he was on the defense after being tazed and tackled. It’s a well no I don’t expect them to just walk away, they could’ve pepper sprayed him. Eventually, proceed to tackle you and point guns in your face. Furthermore for no good reason? Usually, the call was bogus. They showed up being that someone was supposedly pointing a gun at someone in the parking lot.

Tazed Him again.

Instead of tackling him, simply explained why they have been there and placed him under arrest.

Should you really sit there quietly as the cops taze you for no good reason? He may been resisting arrest but last time I checked that was punishable by arrest and jail time, not death. So person didn’t say it was Alton sterling doing it or that the person was wearing a dark red shirt. Not only was he not doing that, nobody was. That said, they just assumed he was the suspect. Why would anyone be stupid enough to reach for a gun with 2 cops on p of them with guns pointed in their face? I’m sure you heard about this. They escalated force with the tazer which was not effective. For instance, they started with verbal commands which Sterling refused to follow. Furthermore, you truly are an idiot.police don’t retreat they run into the fray so jerk offs lime you can run. They looked at the situation and had to subdue him some how and physical take down was the next step.
They did follow procedure and until you are in that situation shut the hell up.

As far as the officer yelling gun that us what an officer days to let the other know for the most part there’s danger of a gun.

Police don’t put one in the shoulder or in the buttox. Second you obviously have no information how police are suppose to deal with situations. Add in sterling was pulling his gun. Oh and that bs about retreating when something doesn’t work. You can find a lot more info about this stuff here. To hear you spout such ignorance shows me you are attempting to pretend you have some knowledge of police tactics. I have to question your experience in this matter type. A well-known fact that is. You give him tbe opportunity, under threat of weapin fire, to stand down without physical engagement.
No cooperation, wait for backup.

With one officer in front and the other flanking his dominant side. Why did they engage unarmed and not step back. And therefore put 2 slugs in his thigh and shoulder?If he was not a threat prior to tackling him, they put THEMSELVES AND BYSTANDERS at risk by initiating a physical struggle that was tactically inferior to coersing or imposing control from 3 4 yards out.

He gets aggressive or reaches for weapon, 2 slugs in non lethal areas like ass and shoulder. What about punishing the Armed Felons who are attacking Police we ignore all of their actions.and continue to defend them can’t possess a firearm, end of discussion. Sterling is a CONVICTED FELON. He for any longer as he is a felon and he was arrested five years ago for, did you get this, illegally carrying a weapon.
He raped a 14 year old. He did, the child can’t consent, you may not like that. My community is fine. It comes with a headstone. Just think for a moment. With the murder of Philando Castile, you guys are PITIFUL and since July 5, you laid upon the community’s back, the last straw. Neighborhoods don’t need you. Did you hear about something like that before? They consider everyone they see to be ‘low lifes’. Although, we need YOUR ranks cleaned up, and after that for you to come back to the community and be our friends. Notice, they don’t need you shooting family pets and kids that you don’t know.


Cops don’t live in the neighborhoods they patrol.

Enjoy lying in it, No accountability for months going into YEARS for the murders of noncriminals you guys made your bed.

I have to be honest and say MOST communities must be fine without cops if the men would’ve been good fathers to their kids and later take turns in groups patrolling the neighborhoods. You need better training, better policy, better adherence to those policies, and whoever is hiring these wienies that fear for their lives whenever they see a dog, a kid pulling up his pants, a grandpa holding a lawn sprayer, a man getting his license out of his pocket after another cop ASKED him to.this is REAL. Let me tell you something. You misread my post. Consequently, I guess your idea is just to shoot Americans who threaten you. You see, seriously -tackle a big man when you don’t k ow how to control him on the ground, so pop 3 in his chest when he struggles, all the while not considering he is armed???

You dumb bunny.they knew he for a while being that they got a call describing him waving a gun around.that is why they have been there!!

They had to assume the call was legitimate, what choice did they have?

It was! Normally, you do not note that this did not is likely to be tbe case until the officers initiated a grappling with him that was tactically unsound and which they have been not skilled enough to win without risk to themselves and innocents. You note that innocents were at risk. Considering the above said.a single people left willing to do the job should be the last people we look for doing it. Generally, we have had a couple of recent cases where a shooting by a LEO was questionable and even some that were without question unjustified. He has a gun in his right pocket. It’s clear his right arm isn’t restrained. It’s a violent armed felon fighting officers. Now this must stop. So it is not one of them. Actually, as a nation if lerate officers who are clearly in the right to be vilified to fit an agenda the majority of the good decent and honorable officers will leave the profession. They put their life on the line….do everything right….survive the encounter only to for ages before good people have no other choice but to walk away from the job?

All I have to say is if a cop stops you we certainly should be smart and actually follow what the cop tells you to do.

Does that give the cop to tackle you and handcuff you yes certainly but if you have no reason to fight the cops thence why do it.

Does the cops have a right to shoot you for no reason and to take your life, hell no. Forget it. Have you seen a 14 year old girl lately? They look like they’re in their 20s. I don’t think a 20 year old could be charged with rape and called a child molester for having consensual sex with someone he thought was of age.

Girls lie about their age every now and again. You ask for ID every time you sleep with someone, right? Racial hate mongers, and the professional race baiters who only need to talk about Cops, when the Black Community starts admitting the truth to itself.and reject the utter crap being spread by the media. You may have also noticed in this video that the first shots didn’t appear to be fired byOfficer One, as many had assumed. You can see Officer One’s pistol when the first shots are heard, and loads of us know that there is no visible muzzle flash. With that said, this means that the first shots fired likely came from either Officer Two’s gun, or Sterling’s gun. Sir, given the surprused and fearful ne of the officer when he yelled he’s got a gun he’s got a gun, plus the obvious fact that the officers initiated the grappling, Know what, I am not convinced that they kbew he had a gun until that moment the offucer shouted. Of course, madam, Know what, I don’t know what Narcotics you are on but please pass them down, To be honest I have a serious headache.

Did you watch the for ages criminal history with an illegal weapon tried to for ages because he didn’t feel like be arrested that day, you don’t know that he ain’t going for his gun by this video so don’t just assume that he ain’t unless you can show some proof that he wasn’ All signs point to this pedofile.
It shows among the officers pull a gun out of his pocket! Did you not hear the one officer clearly shout, He’s got a gun! This is the case. His right arm was under the car where the police could not reach it. That’s where it starts getting very intriguing. He’s got a gun! Good riddance, these two brave officers did the world a service. If Sterling has his hand in his pocket with the gun he could shoot the cops easily through his shorts.

They made the poorest choice they could’ve, if they suspected he had a gun and tried to wrestle with him.

So it’s the resukt of poor training or lack of adherence to proper engagement tactics they have been taught if they had good training.

Listen, I am more concerned by parsecs about these officers’ safety than the perp’s sadety. They endangered themselves and created avoidable risk when they tackled him. Nevertheless, whether he was armed or not, so that’s simply not debatable, nobody with any training in control or custidy could possibly say that tackling this man was an optimal course of action given the context. Where in this video was Alton Sterling running? NOT a death sentence. I’m sure it sounds familiar. Last time I checked a felon possessing a firearm carries a sentence of 8 years, he shouldn’t have had the gun.

They weren’t called for a felon possessing a firearm they’ve been called for a man pointing his gun at someone in the parking lot, that by the way never happened.

They didn’t know, at the time of the call, that he was a felon.

For a while because they control your communities, are your gangbangers not letting you, and you look for someone else to clean up your mess? Then, well 2crows, why now you guys go out and march in your neighborhoods and clean them up. Plenty of information can be found easily on the internet. It’s a good idea to want them to live, and benching them is a single way to mitigate tbe risk they represent to themselves, if you supportrt these two. We will avoid using their names for a short time out of respect for them, while the names of the involved officers are released. You may have watched the second video and failed to notice that for the most part there’re a few extremely noteworthy pieces of evidence.

Every day the new details all seem to support the case that Sterling was justifiably shot because of his decision to reach for his gun, we still don’t have many details on this case. We’ll keep you updated as more details come in. Procedural knowledge to understand it better than to grapple except as last resort, the training to quickly control this grapple, and the weapons’ skill to hit a shoulder or ass of a large man from 4 meters, why are they being asked to do this serious job that requires these skills, if they don’t have the training to recognize the superior tactical approach. I was arrested and jailed a few times, yes I was pissed off at the Cops, however it was me, my doing that got me there in the first instance. Alcohol and drugs ruin lives and families. Bravo, well said and to the point. Like when a 17 yo has sex with a 16 yo they’ve been with for 3 years, he was a TWENTY yo grown ass man having sex with a 14 yo child, I agree sometimes the law is used vindictively.

That’s not only statutory rape, it’s child molestation!

a 14 year old child ain’t old enough to give consent.

Regardless of the product of the action, statutory rape IS rape. No rape occurred. Nevertheless, them yelling don’t move is seeiously idiotic, if you’ve been tazed you will have involuntary muscle spasms. He was charged with statutory rape. He was a felon in possession of a firearm, and should have been arrested and charged with such crime. Now look. He doesn’t appear to be reaching for his gun, that’s a complete assumption. His son who is seen all over the news in tears over losing his father, was the product of that known as rape the mom was 14 and sterling was Although illegal, and immoral, it was consensual. By a JUDGE. It’s NEVER the cops right to take justice into their own hands and kill someone over something they should have simply been arrested for. Where did you get your information about him being a rapist? Sterling was arrested a few times after his release in His most recent conviction was in 2011 for illegally carrying a weapon, the Corrections Department said.

Seeing your writings show you to be clueless, I’ll type slow so you can follow it.

If not you are really stupid.

Did you not hear the officer yell he has a gun when they’ve been fighting with the perp. Eventually, your kidding about the pepper spray right. Please don’t make judgement calls about police work when you have no clue as to what your talking about. Had my wife been there, and got hit by a stray bullet and I saw this video, I bet you those officers my be geld accountable for their negligent actions, and tbeir department accountable for putting them on the job with laughably insufficient training and support. It could be will compel us to provide adequate training and expect excellence from them, if these officers are goid nen. For ages because he’s not stupid, And so it’s like defending a child with a skil saw who now is called stupid for operating this saw improperly, and later, for any longer being that you think admitting his poor saw use implies that he is stupud, you let him continue.

I’m quite sure, that’s so incredivmbly wrong and disresoectful and heartless, from my point of view.
I truly believe we dishonor police officers as a whole when we accept that they are all in the future they make a poor decision. Real sin is that if the boy IS smart, you could’ve taught him to be a caroenter. Dude, attempting to read your ‘socalled’ critique is like doing best in order to find out what a child just wrote. You look for to be taken seriously, start with some proper sentence structure, and click your spell check before you hit send. A well-known fact that is. Proper Procedure is in their world not mine.

While knowing the subject is entertaining the use of the gun on someone, here is a pretty high alert situation for an officer. I’d say in case they saw it and yelled drop it.he didn’ My point is simply that the entire reason for them being there was a man was waving a gun. I’d say in case the 911 call is to respond to a man waving a gun, not to quibble about your assessment of their actions or will naturally assume he has the gun when you arrive.

Whether not is subjective, or he needed to end up dead

You can critique them all day if you choose.

If they didn’t see the gun in his pocket until he reached for it.that is one scenario. Paying for his prison time again, for being a dangerous lawbreaker was not my favorite use of tax dollars. I am just glad the guy didn’t get off a random shot that could injure or kill. So if for a while because they will put themselves at risk if allowed to return to this job, they are not fit to be officers, these officers are not criminals. You say tbey followed procedure but that just telks me you have never had training in close or small arms combat, or in control and custody. We do a difficult job and That’s a fact, it’s never a pleasant view.