Let me ask you something., just how was the truck at fault?

I am well aware of their capabilities.

Was not paying attention, the car didn’t see the truck, and the human must have. Now look, the article mentions nothing of fault.

Oh, and I’ve been programming computers for the past 30 years! We’d still have accidents so, Besides, the truck was turning.

It was perpendicular to the car at the time of the crash.

How do you miss a 18 wheeled tractor trailer directly in front of you, tesla CLAIMS the human didn’t see the truck. Besides, the Tesla driver was identified as Joshua Brown, 40, of Canton. While according an obituary posted online by the Murrysville Star in Pennsylvania, he was a former Navy SEAL who owned a technology company. Moreover the auto drive most probably did exactly as it must have in this situation depending on the available information. Of course, which should also put him at fault as well as he shouldn’t be sleeping in the car, like you said the driver should have had to been a sleep to not have seen this truck. It is the first fatality using ‘self driving’ technology ok place in May when the driver of a Tesla S sports car operating the vehicle’s Autopilot automated driving system died after a collision with a truck in Florida, federal officials said Thursday. Therefore the truck made a left hand turn upfront of the car on a highway, the car had the right of way therefore the truck was at fault.
It’s not that a problem to understand, the laws are pretty clear.

He should have easily been able to stop, I’d say in case humans are so great like you seem to think.

Then the question in this case was did the auto drive function incorrectly, or was the driver asleep at the wheel so to speak. Exactly how many accidents per mile do humans have? Actually the 130000000 miles driven by the self driving cars were done under similar conditions that humans drive. Here’s what the IHS says. Death rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled ranged from 57 in Massachusetts to 65 in South Carolina. There were 29989 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2014 in which 32675 deaths occurred.
Therefore the fatality rate per 100000 people ranged from 5 in the District of Columbia to 25 dot 7 in Wyoming. With that said, this resulted in 10 dot 2 deaths per 100000 people and 08 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. Consequently.the self driving cars are already outperforming human performance. They will only get better. Make sure you scratch a comment about it. Neither a car designer nor a computer programmer, nor an analyst, To be honest I am not sure why you are arguing this. You don’t know the sample size is different bec you y haven’t read the studies that were done on the cars. Yes stats are numbers and the numbers prove that self driving cars are safer. Usually, as demonstrated here. Humans will defend their well documented inability as a species to drive safely with logical fallacies out the wazoo. Less for people who don’t use the feature? True but self driving cars make up how much of tal cars? They must have about 32675/100000 fatalities per year significantly less than 1? Then again, at BEST, for the time being, their record shows they’re as safe as human drivers taking into account a few years of no fatalities. Basically the truck was making a solitary turn it could make.
Intuition says don’t run directly into the large, multi n chunk of metal.

Maybe so you’ll see reality, just as you die.

Morrow yo see a big rig making a wide turn just drive into it. You’r ain’t perfect. Then the data is unequivocal that Autopilot reduces driver workload and results in a statistically significant improvement in safety, the company said, when used in conjunction with driver oversight. We learned yesterday evening that NHTSA is opening a preliminary evaluation into the performance of Autopilot during a recent fatal crash that occurred in a Model This is the first known fatality.

You said self driving cars are decades away from being reliable, yet they are on the roads now doing just fine.

At last count there was only 1 death and 16 accidents, and so far not one self drive car was found to be at fault.

Something humans can achieve. We’ve selected a PBS station in your area, in order to here’s why we still can’t trust cars to drive themselves. Known nor can they know the fear of death. Besides, the computer program driving the car can’t read that sign. It’s an interesting fact that the company said this was the first known death in if the system worked as expected. It will charge forward into death if it thinks the way is clear, a computer program only does as ti is programmed to do, that it did.


He should have easily been able to stop, if humans are so great like you seem to think.

Human dying in car accidents are, at least, responsible for their actions.

Are you striving to assert that computer programs are better drivers than humans? It was at an intersection, that is where you turn. With that said, large 18 wheelers turning out of their lanes to make the turn. You should take this seriously. Large trucks like that often must turn partly out of their lane as they are human driver should have to be blind or asleep or distracted to not see a big rig DIRECTLY in front of him. Allowing programs to drive people to their deaths makes the death hollow and meaningless, and, yes, those deaths will happen less often if the computer was not driving. Basically, humans stop. Meaningless question. Slightly experienced driver will know this. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Who dies less, with an equal number of human drivers and computer drivers. Certainly, you must still be learning. While unfeeling program, almost any death is an avoidable tragedy, people may make mistakes and computers can help, when you give control to the mindless.

You clearly don’t know drivingnlaws very well consequently, as a rule of a thumb, get out from in front of your computer and learn them.

Blocking the road while turning at an intersection without a traffic light puts the truck driver at fault.

I’d say if he couldn’t successfully clear the intersection he should have never made the turn. Nevertheless, hey is shouldn’t expect much from someone who is still just a computer programmer after 30 years. Also, oh, and I do love how you’ve dropped to the amount of personal attacks. Needless to say, who said I was just anything.

I could use a laugh.

Just a computer programmer of all, I’d like to see you try to write code.

Thence again, why am I defending myself to a lifeless, and woefully ignorant, internet troll, just like yourself. I said I’m programming computers for 30 years. Apparently you failed at reading comprehension as the truck was most probably at fault and it’s still under investigation to be sure the car did what it was designed to do. They’ll irritate you if the human programmer forgot to take real time operations into account when programming that X ray machine, they do whatever a human tells them to do, or they’ll drive directly into a semi at speed if the programmer failed to bear in mind that objects might reflect very much sun, they look like the sun, I’m almost sure I know a huge bit about computers. Basically computers do exactly what they are ld to do, therefore they are less fallible.

Computers are much more fallible than people being that people made them and programmed them and hereupon they do exactly what they’ve been ld to do, been at the fault of the other driver, and this wasn’t actually a driverless car.
We may still be looking at 0 fatalities, if you ok human drivers out of the equation. Accordingly the Tesla death comes as NHTSA is taking steps to ease the way onto the nation’s roads for ‘selfdriving’ cars, an anticipated ‘seachange’ in driving where Tesla was on the leading edge. Human error is responsible for about 94 crashes percent. Self driving cars was expected to be a boon to safety as they’ll eliminate human auto drive KILLED THE HUMAN OCCUPANT!

On the basis of the available information.

It don’t see what’s directly in front of it. Remember, it didn’t most possibly did exactly as it must have in this situation. Since it’s a flawed, the self driving car doesn’t have all the information, human programmed. Right. Eventually, you said, the auto drive most probably did exactly as it should have in this situation depending on the available information. As the article stated, you seem to have missed the part where this was not actually a self driving car, the human didn’t see it in time to prevent the accident.

Being a Navy Seal makes him honored, it does not make his ability to notice things around him better than the dozens of other people who drive into semi trucks any year. So it is the first time the Tesla assist automation or any of its competitors has fatality failed to notice, that is why it’s newsworthy. Tesla says that before Autopilot can be used, drivers have to acknowledge that the system is an assist feature that requires a driver to keep both hands on the wheel anytime. Drivers are ld they need to maintain control and responsibility for your vehicle while using the system, and they have to be prepared to take over at any time, the statement said. It’s aagainst &gt. Just think for a moment. That’s per 100000000 human driven miles. Consequently, now imagine if all human driven cars were replaced by Self driving cars.that’d mean fewer fatalities with the point of averages. It’s a direct comparison, regardless of the tal number of human drivers. Therefore, while learning is NOT associated with thinking or reasoning, if you’d paid any attention, even to recent news, you’d know it DOES mean they do more than they’re ld now. However, google machine learning and see what you’ve somehow missed over your entire career. Not so often I see someone claim to be in my industry who is so ignorant of the industry.