Well, you know free organic traffic for a viral news website is never might be that great but it can still since I have a site that I can’t monetize and don’t know how I must treat it. How are you treating your viral news site? My first name is Louie Luc and I’ve worked hard for the past four years on my viral news website which was monetized with Google AdSense. That’s interesting right? I carried on with 110000+ page followers, right after a couple of facebook ad campaigns.

Something I forgot to say on my guest post was that the Portuguese market works very differently from the 1st tier countries’ market. Accordingly an image posted to a pro¬†Trump Facebook page in July suggested that late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain predicted that Trump should end up as US president.

In the end I believe my generation will surprise everyone.

The image was captioned with a supposed quote by the singer made in 1993.

We already know that both political parties are playing both sides from the middle and we’ll elect a true outsider when we fully mature. We’ve got a look at plenty of the biggest most of nonsense they let slip through the net. Generally, on 14 November, blog 70news claimed that Donald Trump had won the popular vote after receiving 62972226 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 62277,The website cited Twitter posts as its sources, specifically an user by the name of Michael, who posted the figures on social media without providing a source of his own. So, these words can virtually be accredited to Charles Evers, brother of late civil rights activist Medgar Evers, in a March interview with the New York City Post. What Curt Cobain said about Donald Trump all the way back in 1993 will blow your mind, I was never much of a Nirvana fan.

Aside from there being absolutely no record of Cobain ever making this particular statement, the misspelling of Kurt as Curt should also was an immediate alarm bell.

Facebook and Google have finally stepped up their attempts to stop the spread of misinformation online, a real issue that has come to a head following Donald Trump’s election as the next US president.

Both companies been accused of allowing fake news stories to proliferate on their platforms, that critics believe could’ve influenced voting decisions. There’s no Walkerville, and while the Denver Guardian claims to be Denver’s oldest news source, the fake news website was only set up in 2016.