While asking people to remain calm given a solar storm so bad was planning to happen that it would block out the sun for 216 hours, NASA head Charles Bolden was said to have made the announcement. Reporters also apparently interviewed people to hear what they had to say about the event with Michael Hearns responding with a We should be purgin my n gga,, six darkness days means six days of turnin up fam. So a certain Earl Godoy, a NASA scientist, reiterated there must be being that the planet could survive on artificial light in the course of the event. If it were to really happen, six darkness days, sounds like a big deal but the story downplays it in the end, noting that officials said that major problems will not arise anyway.

Besides, the story goes on to say the existence of the female group of fighters is a reminder of the complexities of Northern Iraq, where the women recently joined Iraqi male Kurdish fighters in driving the Islamic State out of the village of Fadiliya.

While knowing the atrocities IS has carried out against women, Nasrallahpour and the others have made a pact to never allow themselves to be taken prisoner, because of their enemy’s treatment of women, the stakes are a bit higher for the female fighters, The story says that. As pointed out by this story from voanews, the Islamic State has imposed tight restrictions on women and ok hundreds of them as sex slaves since sweeping through northern Iraq in 2014 and declaring a caliphate in parts of Iraq and Syria.com. That said, this means allinformation even false ones like the news about the ‘sixday’ darkness that will envelop the world in December. Very good things about the Internet is the speed at which it allows information to be shared. Just think for a moment.a bunch of Iranian Kurdish women, part of a larger force of about 600 fighters aligned with the Kurdistan Freedom Party, are battling the terrorists of the Islamic State, that the fighters call by the acronym Daesh, in their stronghold of Mosul.

Iranian Kurdish’ female fighters hold their weapons during a battle with Islamic State militants in Bashiqa, near Mosul.

NASA confirmed that the Earth must be experiencing six nearly days complete darkness from Dec, conforming to the story.

Now look, the event will supposedly happen because of a solar storm that should spur enough dust and debris in space that 90 sunlight percent my be blocked out. Vaysi, like most of the women, said she was enraged by news reports of the militants abusing women and decided to take matters into her own hands. Usually, throughout the offensive, one female fighter was killed, the story says. Known whenever liking and sharing the story thousands of times since it first came out on Oct, the bad news is that people aren’t very good at separating what’s real from what’s not. I know that the good news is that this means the world would not be falling into darkness for six days in December. Report NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 6 Total Days Darkness in December 2017″ was published by Huzlers.com. Considering the site labeled itself as offering a combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its visitors in a state of disbelief, the story should have been taken with a grain of salt at the very least.