Despite the fact that a number of holidaymakers was taking pleasure in an early morning hike in the space this thirty day period, they witnessed a gigantic reptile crossing the path appropriate in entrance of them. It’s weird the aliens were checking out my bad arm but in the end of the day I have learned it does not surprise me.

That technology in general. Amazing part is waking up without cut and full use of my arm as if itnever happened. For the websites high number of trafficand receiving great reviews for over a year strait is what gotAlienspaceshipidentified that award. Thank you to everyone that has read the website for making Alien Spaceship Identified in the top. Like the walls were painted blackish but I never tried to look around. I could not see anything in the craft. With some of the room dark pitch blackish, there was a really bright light on me.

All the songs in my videos except the songs with in the History Channel videos were written and sung by Trent Reznor, band name Nine Inch Nails.

My laptop slurs all the beats gether making the music sound pretty wild is one way to put it.

By the way, a great way to start Still the best in maximum SE. However, So if you need to hear the music clear you can find it at Trent Reznor’s received an all time record number of 28149 hits in Jan. I trust the cave man’s pic of the event as he had no reason to lie way back when. In consonance with the picture the aliens are tan not dark green. I know that it is true as long as I seen them to. I would like to thank everyone from all countries that have donated.
I also need to thank the many people that viewed my site for looking into the truth.

I will spend almost any dollar to get all the world’s governments to admit the truth.

I’m glad I’m not one that wants real change. I also look for to thank everyone for all the cool comments. Notice, once again thank you all. Have you heard of something like this before? The aliens holding me on my back is what made me feel uncomfortable so I literally kick my legs in my sleep. That’s right! I like to sleep on my side only. I was able kick out oftheir sleep grip and the aliens let me get a look at them for some reason. Sleeping on my back is uncomfortable and I can’t take it. There’s a lot more information about this stuff on this site. While handing the alien to the right of me ols while he held down myleft armwith his other hand, I mainly focused first on the alien cutting my arm, that’s when I noticed the other male alien to the left of me. For example, the craft over Phoenix Arizona that was 200 yards wide it was alien.
Alien sightings that were perfect disc shaped as well as glowing with the colors changing in a pattern and all the sightings where the alien spaceships are zipping left and right up and down coming to a full stop in between things jet fighters or anything man made can not do.

Mostly there’re triangle shaped alien craft the smaller ones glow dark red, dark blue and almost white like the big disc shaped ones.

Those sightings are all alien. Holding me with a tractor beam. Something I am very sensitive to. I swear I felt the pressure of alien ship therefore out side open area feeling, consequently inside house closed wall sound. I think the aliens moved me through solid objects the space ship and the roof of my house.
Since I landed I jumped awake and looked at my arm.

The arm heeled up means with that tech our doctors can do all house visits, no wait for healing after surgery, get your surgery done right in the apartments.

They get in thru the walls. With that said, what that means is the aliens have the technology to move humans thru walls. It was as if it never happened. I’m sure it sounds familiar. That is why there’s no opening to their craft. I laid my head back down and stared the female alien in the eyes asthe aliens put me back to sleep. I stared the female alien in the eye and she stared back with a smile. Neither is the new bell shaped hover craft that is reported going 8000 miles per hour. Being that all that government experimenting attracts the aliens that need to see when we become a real threat.

Basically the history channel released satellite images of the smoke cloud of the aura project of the bell shaped prototype in action.

The fact of the matter is the hover craft the Germans made is nothing like what the aliens are using.

Secret government ain’t even in similar ball park as the aliens yet. Identical thing our government will do if they’ve been in the aliens position. Then, leading me to believe the alien’s entire body is moist, The alien’s hands were very moist. Actually the hands were very warm far warmer than a human hand. Essentially, I noticed the aliens had three fingers and one thumb. Now please pay attention. That said, this explains the shriveled skin. Just think for a moment. I could feel the female hands on my legs.

Thank you for your Donation it should be used to get out the real truth.

If you go by the movie fire in the sky, as far as the alien greyish being gray.

That gave the alien’s the gray body blackish eye look that most claim to see. Remember, those men claimed they saw the aliens greyish suits hanging on the wall. Besides, the gray suits had built in blackish eye contacts. Makes sense why walk on an alien planet with out a space suit. Still in the p in all the SE. That said, this website received an all time record number of 23539 hits in December. I hate the doctors figure out. Spot still acts up day something is wrong there.

Spot wherethe aliens had my arm cut open is the very spot I already hadproblems with my whole life. So if I throw a ball or anything just a few times it kills this spot on my arm. So alien with a big head, big eyes and no hair. Look close at the picture you can see identical cut in the eyes as seen in alien art work from people day and at Roswell. On p of that, look at the color of the human and after all the alien. You can tell the artist was showing the aliens are different in color and cave men saw really similar that people report today. So this website received an all time record number of 19904 hits in May. So, still the best in all the SE. Now look. Still going strongand stillnumber one in all the Yahoo.

No new records but still getting up in the 18000 nearly any month.

I think the aliens could have been more helpful than a lot give them credit for.

Aliens may be if I can think of it and can see how Surely it’s tally possible. Anyone that freaks out will have to get over it. Also, I hope the aliens are into relocating all life from a dying planet to a completely new planet in a better solar system. This is the case. I just hope the aliens talk to us again to quicken this process. I think the humans are ready now. Normally, there were two males and a female. Actually the third alien the female had her hands holding my legs still. On p of that, the other male was on my left side holding down my right arm and shoulder.

One male was working on my right arm that was cut open. Female alienhad a happy face and the males had a mean lemon in the mouth look on their face. My mom got a 100000 a year job and moved me there from OHIO when I was 16. And therefore the time I saw the alien greyish was in Utah when I was I lived five miles from the Hill Air Force Base. I will rather die trying hereafter have to live in this lie the religious have made for us. By the way, a fight against the aliens gonna be a massacre to us. Although, the real part of this website is in the titles to the right. That said, please leave a question or comment in the Contact Us section. There’s a lot more information about it on this website. The movies below this point and comments left by me will make definitely more sense if you read the articles in the titles to the right first. I will answer all questions you still have about the aliens if they are not answered in this site. I even slowed down just before landing in bed very gently.

I remember feeling the pressure change as I left the alien craft and was floated strait down.

Felt a lot like an elevator.

I felt like I laid there for 10 minutes.I could not feel no pain or them doing anything. Notice that he also gave me a mean concerned scared look. Then, I looked at the male on the left of me, the male on the right gave me a mean look. My eyes were closed but I could still feel and think. As a result, I laid my headback and got forced asleep but do to the excitement I never could fall all the way asleep especially on my back. I’m sure you heard about this. I looked down at the female that was all smiles. Besides, the aliens probably take up humans to test their reaction of seeing an alien Grey and get mad when the human fails by freaking out instead of saying hi. I’m not the main one abducted, from what I have a grasp of the aliens take most people before they turn Adults that get taken usually tell a rture story. Somebody sign me up for the alien Medicare.

Plenty of I hear suggest we are test subjects. They can probe mewhere ever if they can keep me alive forever. I woke up to this but I knew full well of the alien greyish by age 17 after seeing the alien craft up close a few years earlier. I could see blood only on the cut. Usually, I noticed for any longer 5 inch strait cut. Seriously. Accordingly the bloodwas not running out really but Surely it’s supposed to when cut.I did not look for to mess that up so I did nottry to get up or talk. Look, that’s what I did, I ld myself if I ever see an alienjust remain calm.


Consequently, the USA military chases the aliens and shoots at them any chance they get like idiots. It seems to me the aliens been nicer for the last 400 years. My statement on the new claims that is everywhere that all the UFOs sighted are government made.

There’re the 40000 year old cave man art just saw above in the videos that show aliens for a while before the government. Right off it’s for a while being that the alien spaceships are seen all through written history and before. Except there genitals look different, the female alien looked similar to the male aliens. It’s a well really similar way human genitals look different between male and female. Then again, they had no hair anywhere on there body. Yes they have been naked obviously no shame in their culture that is definitely more advanced than us. Known I tried to put the titles with an eye to make the most sense so please start out on the page titled my closest sighting the full truth. If you leave a question on my youtube video loads of us know that there is a great chance I’ll never for any longer being that the youtube videos are overwhelming me with comments and hundreds lay waiting for approval. Accordingly the real part of my website is in the pages listed in the titles to the right. Please read the entire page and watch most of the video evidence on the page as you come across the videos to know the point I’m making an attempt to make.

Here lately I have only been answering questions left through this website.

Leave any questions you still have in the ContactInfo Section.

Videos below this point and comments I make will make much more sense if you read all the titles to the right first. Also, a press conference on flying saucers flying over the whitish house twice. It’s an interesting fact that the difference is the brownish ring was stretched around a fully dilated blackish center about an inch and a half across. Anyway, with the full dilation either the aliens are from a planet with little sun light or a bunch of rain clouds. My favorite part of the alien sighting was when I looked at the alien dark grey female in the eyes. They had a blackish center like our eyes. Alien eyes were like our eye as in they had the outer almost white part. With that said, a light brown ring making the Greys I saw brownish eyes. For the government to come out and claim they are the cause of all sightings and So there’re no aliens is complete and obvious bull after what the world witnessed all through history.

Please read my entire website and you will see the difference between the two.

The aliens sure know how to switch us off no drugs needed.

Aliens usedsome sort of energy hum sound that went into my head, that made me feel really sleepy. I know it’s free with a free channel. For example, you can post your alien sighting for free on your channel and for everyone to see. Basically, you can put up your personal alien picture in the back ground. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. So if you believe in aliens and have not signed up with you tube please do.

Columbus had a UFO sighting near Bermuda on his way to America. Videos News report on the Chicago O’Hare airport flying saucer If the government comes clean about the spaceship they have.

It will fix all of America’s problems and that worlds.

So if our government would quit lying we can have all that and more. If we don’t do something China or Russia will come up with this stuff first and take all the money. Anyway, hover skate board, hover plane and the magnetic hover cruise liner all should bring America jobs and hundred of trillions dollars over time, like the hover car.

Our military keeping all the secrets has damned us all.

All the world rulers are just figure heads and really don’t know the truth.

So it’s our secret military that went crazy with the truth and buried it from everyone in the name of National Security. Known they for ages being that they’re to busy attempting to keep it secret to be able to figure it out. I say lets try to build some advanced spaceship and try to tell the aliens we mean no harm. Maybe they will we have to leave the planet without a fight. If you skim through the website with a skeptic view well obviously that is all if you read the entire website with that open mind you will by the end learn the truth about the aliens. Telling the real truth, if you read through the entire website thinking lets just say he’s right about it all. Those ones are government. Yes sightings now days are both aliens and government. All the alien sightings that are disc shaped but have the dome coming off p and bottom or the smaller triangle shaped ones that are not glowing. Needless to say, this website is still not fully complete. It’s an interesting fact that the grammar and spelling is still not fixed yet. I had to type strait through without pre reading to remember the point I was doing best in order to make. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… I only have time work on the website in my spare time. Please check back for future updates and new videos. You should take it into account. They had the wrinkled skin but not like they are old. They look like what people say in many ways but they’ve been a tanish light brownish. Furthermore, more like our hands when they shrivel for any longer.