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Why bury him? Besides, a cremation is really cheap. One report said The goalkeeper Danilo is the second player that already has been treated in the hospital #Chapecoense.

The BBC said Danilo, whose real name was Marcos Padilha, was one of those who died at the hospital.

UK Daily Mail said he did actually call and speak to his wife before he died from his injuries. Accordingly the UK Daily Mail said the plane crash’s cause was still undetermined, saying, The plane crashed in Colombia after taking off from a Bolivian airport.

Whenever in line with the UK Mirror, the plane crashed because of lack of fuel. And so it’s not yet known what caused the crash. CNN said one of those who survived was Defender Alan Ruschel. On p of a member of the team’s delegation and a flight attendant, the UK Telegraph said a goalkeeper. Survived. Player Helio Neto reportedly also survived after being pulled from the wreckage at a point when it was believed there were no more survivors. Local media reported, Currently there’re 15 the accident survivors at the @ChapecoenseReal club.


With that said, other reports estimated there were 15 survivors, Survivor reports varied widely. Via @rcnradio. Then the team had posted the live video on Facebook. Video showed the players as they waited to board what for a couple of them might have been a final flight.