Bear in thoughts when a terrifyingly huge alligator was spotted on a Lakeland, Florida, golf study course in Could of incredibly final 12 months?

I love the idea of a Erebos Commander deck.

I am sure that the five cards I should have to pair with him my be.

While letting me keep card draw up and keep Erebos a creature regardless of how many sweepers my opponent plays, my picks keep up a sick mana advantage. I know that the last pick is my favorite Commander card and provides a beefy blocker, a slew of devotion, and a chance to desperation reset my board if things fall apart. Lastly, Deepwood Ghoul is another category of card that comes handy when you want to take yourself to 1 just before exchanging life.

Extraplanar Lens is representative of big mana fuel that blackish can provide. Killing Wave is representative of spells that allow you to pay a variable percentage of life. Eventually, I picked these cards to be representative of categories of cards that should be in the deck. And therefore the Abyss is an example of repeated destruction. Notice, soul Conduit has the neat trick of exchanging life. Let me tell you something. See you therefore! Enjoy the Theros Prerelease this weekend, and join us next week when we look at how we’ve handled the trickiest of Commander group situations. Gray Merchant of Asphodel plays into the devotion theme and gains you life to turn into cards.

Pestilence Demon whittles everyone down, pumped up devotion, and can’t kill Erebos.

Card to jump into my head was Seizan, Perverter of Truth.

Nothing is more awful than losing life and being unable to gain it back. Consume Spirit and its ilk smash irreversible damage at people while again fueling your life total. You can find a lot more info about this stuff on this website. Grey has lots of discard to counterbalance the card draw. Phyrexian Obliterator is auto devotion and a very powerful creature anyway. Although, properly, it is likely to be like possibly that fifteenfoot beast has created a various physical look or it has a similarly huge relative hanging out at Polk’s Nature Discovery Heart.